Best UFC Betting Sites

Page Summary A detailed list of the best UFC betting sites. Find out where the best places to bet on UFC online actually are.

Ultimate Fighting Championship betting is on the increase as the sport begins to conquer the world. Therefore, if it’s betting on UFC, predictions for UFC fights, guides to current form of UFC fighters and UFC betting strategies you’re looking for, then look no further…it’s all right here.

Where To Bet On UFC

The most sensible place to start is with a list of the best websites to bet on UFC online. So that’s what we did – just for you. Check out the best UFC betting sites for online wagers below:

1 Bet365

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Bet365 are our No.1 betting site for the UFC – or Ultimate Fighting Championship. As mixed martial arts (MMA) become more popular throughout the world, Bet365 continues to add more markets to the obvious match-up wagers. Every UFC meeting is covered, so there is no chance of missing out on the best UFC odds.

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2 Betvictor

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BetVictor ranks at No.2 on our list of top UFC betting sites. Betvictor again covers every UFC fight within a dedicated category and regularly supplies odds on other MMA events as well.< you'll also find event specific promotions at Betvictor which are worth checking out - head to their promotions section for more details./p>

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3 888Sport

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888Sport follows in at No.3 in our countdown of best UFC betting sites. As with the other sites, 888Sport has markets on all the upcoming big fights with mobile and live betting available. With over 20 deposit options and great promotions 888Sport are well worth a look for UFC fans.

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Best UFC Betting Sites For Tips and Predictions

Where To Bet On UFCWith UFC being a predominantly North American based sport right now, you’ll not be surprised to read that the majority of websites relating to tips and predictions are also based in the good ol’ US of A. Below we’ve got a couple of what we believe are the best UFC betting sites for tips and predictions. If you’ve paid for the fight but don’t know who to back or you just need a few pointers then the two sites listed below should be able to help you out. Pretty much all UFC boughts are covered between the two websites.

Doc Sports – Doc’s website is a fabulous source when searching for indications as to the likely outcome of upcoming UFC bouts. As this is an American site, however, his tips are related to the United States system of betting. But it’s not difficult to translate into British or continental European systems. What is most important here is his depth of knowledge and success rate. Both are impressive and we’ve won plenty of money in the past following these tips. Well worth a look.

Fight Line – Another American site, strangely enough. This website, however, has a rather novel way of discussing forthcoming bouts – with a pleasant conversational style employed between two resident tipsters, Mark Wayne and Raj Giri. Although these guys don’t supply odds, they do predict when and how fights will end. That’s easy to translate into betting tips. There’s no record of the tips kept which is a bit of a shame but we’ve nailed some long odds winners thanks to these guys in the past.

Data and Form

Researching UFC data and form is paramount if serious about making winning bets on the mixed martial art. That’s why we’ve gone the extra mile to locate the most detailed-packed sites about. – The official website of the UFC obviously supplies information on a fighter’s past performances – including skills breakdowns, weight, height, defence and offence, and more – biographies, a hall of fame, and so many stats that we can’t list them all here. Suffice it to say, this is a great site and one that anyone who is even semi serious about betting on UFC should use on a regular basis. The site doesn’t focus on betting specifically but is still a great resource.

Five Knuckles – This is, without doubt, our favourite UFC site. You want stats? This site has plenty, including details on every fight, as well as knockout wins, TKO victories, submission successes and decision triumphs – and not forgetting rankings, of course. Five Knuckles is what we would consider about the best UFC betting site when it come to information about the sport. If you only visit one UFC site on this page make sure it’s this one!

Best Sites For UFC Betting Strategy

It seems that UFC betting strategies have not been formulated to any high degree yet, but that will happen soon enough – in the mean time there is one betting site that is well worth checking out when it comes to UFC betting. Check out the one and only best site for UFC betting strategy below:

Mr Sportsbook UFC – When it comes to UFC betting strategy you won’t find a better more complete guide than the one that’s available at the Mr Sportsbook website. These guys have everything covered including strategy, tips, predictions, types of betting opportunities, where to bet on UFC and even the history of UFC. It doesn’t get any better than this folks. Check it out and make sure to add it to your favorties or bookmarks as we know you’ll want to re visit it time and time again.

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