Best MMA Betting Sites

Page Summary A list of the best MMA betting sites with only the top places to bet on MMA online listed. Mixed martial arts – or MMA – has become massively popular over the last few years. Therefore, we’ve been working overtime to bring you the best MMA betting sites for predictions and tips, guides to form, strategy and much more. Here we go, then…

Where To Bet On MMA

Having laboured long and hard without succumbing to a knockout blow, our experts came up with this list of the most impressive websites to place a bet on MMA. If it’s online wagers you’re looking to place then you won’t find anywhere better to do so than at the sites listed below. We’ve even included a site which still accepts customers from the USA in our best MMA betting sites list. Make note of these addresses:


  • Website:
  • Established: 1974
  • Location: Stoke-On-Trent, UK
  • Players: 500,000+
  • Mac Friendly: Yes

Bet365 are our best MMA betting site. You’ll find all MMA markets in their boxing section where odds on a variety of different MMA events are available. Odds spread at Bet365 are considered to be some of the best from an online bookmaker and live betting as well as mobile betting is available to all customers free.

Plus if you open an account with Bet365 right now you can claim a 100% deposit bonus up to £200. Just bet your deposit amount once through at odds of 2.0 or more and the bonus is released into your account!

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  • Website:
  • Established:1990
  • Location: Gibraltar
  • Players: 300,000+
  • Mac Friendly: Yes

Again BetVictor cover MMA in their boxing section. Various fights are covered with round by round betting, fight winner betting and method of victory betting available. You can bet on MMA live at BetVictor and by using your smart phone with their free betting app.

If you sign up to BetVictor today to bet on MMA then there’s a £25 free bet bonus waiting for you. Just place a bet of £25.00 or more at odds of 2.0 or higher and win or lose you’ll get another £25 to bet with.

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  • Website:
  • Established: 2000
  • Location: US
  • Players: 500,000+
  • Mac Friendly: Yes

Bodog are our USA friendly MMA betting site option. They have a section for MMA/UFC betting where they spread odds on all UFC and MMA events. Win only markets are available on all fights and right now both UFC and MMA Strikeforce are available to bet on.

A 10% instant bonus is offered to anyone who opens a new account at Bodog right now. Basically you get 10% of your first deposit amount on top for free and you get it instantly after your first deposit as well. The max bonus is $100.

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Best MMA Betting Sites For Tips and Predictions

There are numerous mixed martial arts tips sites on the world wide web, but we’ve narrowed it down to just three to make the job of placing your next bet that much easier. It’s all well and good knowing where to bet on MMA but if you don’t know who to bet on then the bookies are going to take you to the cleaners. Check out our picks for the best MMA betting sites for tips and predictions below.

Fighting MMA Tips and Picks – A well produced website that gives the casual visitor and serious MMA fan what they want. Geoff Mackay provides tips and betting suggestions for the leading match-ups at each event. With top 10s, news, event listings and more, this site has so much going for it. All tips are well explained and various different betting options are covered on all fights including prop bets. All MMA betting tips provided here are free.

MMABettingPicks.comMMA Betting Picks – An uncomplicated site that delivers short and snappy predictions as well as tips. There’s nothing ostentatious here; just sensible tips for serious punters. Most events are covered and you’ll find the homepage updated with an article which explains the tips and predictions for all up and coming fights. Tips are covered for the majority of MMA specialties not just UFC. Tips are free.

MMABetting.netMMA Betting – Yet another straightforward site that doesn’t mess about. You want tips on upcoming fights? This site has just that. A number of different MMA disciplines are covered with tips, picks and predictions. Tips at are all free of charge and the site has some great additional MMA betting sections including a how to bet on MMA guide and a where to bet on MMA guide as well. This one is one of the best MMA betting sites out there and well worth adding to your favorites or bookmarks.

Best MMA Betting Sites For Data and Form

As with all sports, past form and stats shed light on future MMA fights. For that reason, we’ve listed two of the best websites for locating crucial information. If it’s data, stats or form you are after then the MMA betting sites we’ve listed below should be able to help you out. Two sites are listed and both are of the highest quality when it comes to info for betting on MMA.

Five Knuckles – This is probably our favourite MMA website, and it is certainly among the best for supplying stats and form. Everything you need to know about MMA is here, from news and interviews to upcoming events and rankings. Results from past events are also included – making this website a vital tool in making any betting decision. Tips and predictions are also available here if you’re interested and if you’re a twitter fan then make sure to follow Five Knuckles at @FiveKnucklesMMA.

Sherdog – Then again, this site is justifiably loved by many MMA fans, so who are we to argue. In fact, there’s no dispute as has news, interviews, rankings, statistics for every organisation, videos, radio shows, and more besides. There’s a database of different fighters which can come in useful when selecting your picks for less high profile events and there’s an active forum as well.

Best Sites For MMA Betting Strategy

Having a good idea of what you are going to do before making any bet, whether large or small, is so important. Being ill prepared will result in unwise betting. So, before visiting your favourite betting website for MMA, check out these sites for strategies and general betting tips:

MMABettingPicks.comMMA Betting Guide from – This site contains a fairly deep manual on how to bet on MMA, as well as examples of ways to earn some money. Not to be ignored, too, are suggestions regarding preparations ahead of making bets. We linked to these guys before because we like their betting tips and picks and we’d have to say that their MMA betting guide is just as good. A great place to start if you’re just new to placing bets on MMA online or offline.

MMABetting.netHow To Bet On MMA – Not as concentrated as the previous guide, this one still offers a good look at sensible practices so as to bet profitably. It’s much more suited to the beginner and focuses on how to bet on MMA if you are looking to place a bet online. The guide is done in 3 main steps and a couple of different betting options are covered. It’s a real MMA betting guide for dummies but worth a look if you’re new to the sport or need to brush up on online betting and how to bet online.

MMA and UFC Betting Guide From Mr Sportsbook – As with all’s guides, everything is covered and their MMA and UFC betting section is no different. These guys really do go out of their way time and time again to provide us with vital betting info. If you don’t have MR Sportsbook in your favorites then it’s time to add them. Top stuff guys, once again we’re in your debt.