Best Novelty Betting Sites (Exotic Betting)

Page Summary: Find only the best Novelty betting sites listed here. Novelty betting has, with the rise of reality television, become a worldwide phenomenon and, as a result, bookmakers have increased the number of non-sports events made available to punters. Here, we shall provide you with an overview of what novelty bets are, as well as where to make Novelty bets online.

Where To Make Novelty Bets

Most importantly, we’ve spent many long hours of research – mainly so you don’t have to – to track down the leading sites for taking novelty bets. Check the best Novelty betting sites:

1 William Hill

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When it comes to the best novelty betting sites William Hill take some beating. They cover a wide range of TV betting including the likes of X Factor and American Idol. Other wacky bets you can place at William Hill include Britians Got Talent, next major of London, sports personality of the year and So You Think You Can Dance.

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2 Betvictor

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BetVictor also go in for Novelty betting and offer punters the chance to wager on Britian’s Got Talent, the Oscars, the Tony Awards, the Turner Prize, royal family, American Idol, Orange Fiction Prize and various music prizes including the MTV awards.They’ve got more markets than anyone else.

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What Are Novelty Bets

Novelty betting – also called ‘exotic betting’ by some – is not a new development in gambling, and can be loosely characterized as placing wagers on non-sporting events.

The expression ‘novelty’ might provide an image of a less-than-serious betting market, but don’t be misled as novelty bets have produced some of the biggest payouts in gambling history – mainly through multiple or accumulator bets.

Of course, the majority of bets taken by betting sites are still sports related, but there are a significant number of punters who have no interest in horse racing or football. Instead, these punters will place money on pretty well any event that can possibly occur – and even some that seem highly unlikely – from whether there will be a white Christmas to when a human will reach Mars! Yes you really can bet on things as stupid as when the first human will land on Mars at Novelty betting sites (you might be waiting some time for a payout on this one though).

These markets can certainly be considered more as novelties, but reality television, movie awards ceremonies, stock markets, politics, and other topical events, although falling under ‘novelty betting’, have become enormously popular.

Types Of Special Bets Available

The majority of novelty/special bets relate to forecasting the winners of numerous television shows, such as X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing.

Big Brother, although now dropped by Channel 4 in the UK, was the catalyst for the massive growth in reality TV betting back in 2000 with punters gambling on various specials related to the show. Of course, evictions proved to be the most popular novelty bet offered at Novelty betting sites all over the web.

Then there are the traditional novelty bets, such as predicting the Christmas No.1 single in the pop charts, which has also been massively influenced by a reality TV show, X Factor. Many of the shows winners, including Shayne Ward, Leon Jackson and Leona Lewis, have gone on to top the charts on December 25.

Then there are political specials, such as General Elections, US Presidential Elections and even by-elections in the UK. However, there are odds available on which volcano will erupt next, who the next Pope or Archbishop of Canterbury will be, how long celebrity marriages will last or which celebrity will gain weight or visit rehab, and so many more.

The Purpose Of Novelty Betting Sites

Novelty betting is not necessarily a massive moneymaker for bookies, unlike sports punting. However, that’s not the main goal behind these specials. The publicity gained by a huge win for a punter is hard to quantify, but tabloid newspapers have fallen in love with celebrity odds and betting, thus providing extensive coverage of the success. No advertising can buy that level of exposure for a bookmaker.