Best Spanish Betting Sites

Page Summary: The best Spanish betting sites are listed on here so if you live in Spain check out your options below. Betting in Spain is on the rise. Not yet legalized by the Spanish government – although is seems to be only a matter of time – online betting is still incredibly popular. It is likely legislators will introduce licensing soon.

Of course, Spanish punters have been using websites from outside Spain to bet. So where can punters place bets? Also, what currency options are available to Spaniards? The answers are right here below in our best Spanish betting sites list.

Which Spanish Betting Sites to Bet With

1 William Hill

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Following hard on the heels of William Hill are William Hill in the race to be the top Spanish betting site. William Hill provide numerous markets that focus on Spain. La Liga in soccer is well covered, but so too is the top basketball division, as well as the EuroBasket competition, and handball’s Liga Asobal and the Davis Cup in tennis.

They are also fully licensed to operate in the country so no worries for punters who wnt to try and continue to use their online bookmakers.

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2 Unibet

Spanish clients are well looked after by Unibet, with the likes of golf’s Iberdrola Open in Mallorca, tennis tournaments in Madrid and Barcelona, and Formula One’s Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona all covered as well as all of Europe’s other major sports events.

Again Unibet hold a full Spanish license to provide online sports betting to residents.

T&C's apply, 18+, new customers only

Betting websites based in Spain don’t yet exist, but the likelihood of legalisation and regulation will see major players – and local companies – move into Spanish offices soon enough. That hasn’t stopped Spaniards from gambling, so have a look at these popular sites for punters:

Which Sports Are Most Popular At Spanish Betting Sites?

With Spain having giants Barcelona and Real Madrid, it really could only be football betting that took the No.1 sport for betting in this Iberian country. La Liga is way out in front, of course, with several other massive clubs to follow and bet on. But there are numerous other popular sports betting markets within Spain and at Spanish betting sites.

Basketball is huge in Spain, with the Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto (ACB) – or Association of Basketball Clubs – including the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Joventut Badalona, who are all big players on the European scene.

Tennis is also a big draw for punters in Spain, but not only because of superstar Rafael Nadal as the national side has been highly successful in the Davis and Fed Cups. The Grand Slam events attract punters, while domestic tournaments in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Marbella are also good for betting sites.

Other popular sports include handball, baseball, cycling – with the Vuelta a España, Tour de France, and Giro d’Italia heavily backed – motorsport (Formula One and MotoGP), golf, water polo, Basque and Valencian pelota, roller hockey, and skiing.

Which Odds Format Is Used At Spanish Betting Sites?

Spainish betting sites favor the decimal odds system. It is very simple and definitely the easiest for punters.

Decimal odds display how many euros can be won from a base bet of one unit. For example, odds of 5.5 indicate the pay-out will be five-and-a-half times the initial stake, providing €5.50 in winnings from a €1 bet.

But punters should be aware that one unit does not necessarily mean €1, with some bookies working in units of 10 or 100. Therefore, always check a bookmakers’ preferred system. Also important is most bookies give odds to two decimal places, so providing punters with greater accuracy.

Currency Options For Spanish Bettors

Nearly all betting websites encourage bettors to make use of the currency within their country, so Spaniards will normally wager in euros. Even so, it is quite possible to also place bets in many of the world’s other leading currencies.

A case in point is William Hill, which allows punters to wager in 28 currencies, including the euro, of course, the British pound, various other European legal tenders, and even Canadian, US and Australian dollars.