Betting Sites By Country

It might come as a surprise to many but there are more than just people from the UK betting on sports online. This page has been designed to be a hub page for betting sites by country of resident. Basically we’re planning to help people find somewhere to bet online regardless of the country they are from.


UK Betting Sites – Anyone who is living in the UK and wants to find somewhere to bet online should definitely visit this page. Some great bookies with some quality new player joining bonuses.

European Betting Sites – The betting sites listed on this page are all more than happy to accept people from all around Europe.

Dutch Betting Sites – Living in Holland? Then the sites listed on this page will be happy to accept your custom.

French Betting Sites – French law has recently changed meaning that only sites with a license can allow French customers. Make sure you check all sites for licenses before you sign up.

German Betting Sites – Anyone who resides in Germany can use the betting sites detailed on the linked page.

Spanish Betting Sites – If you’re living in Spain then much like France you must check that the site you plan to join has the correct license before you join.

Betting In Different Currencies

Whilst betting sites may have options to change the language and will accept deposits in certain currencies they might not always allow punters to bet in their home currency. Instead you’ll find that once your deposit has been made it’s been converted into either Pounds of Dollars.

Make sure you check before you make a deposit at any of the recommended betting sites above as currency conversion at online betting sites can be costly and you’ll have to convert your money on two occasions. When you deposit and when you withdraw from your account (hopefully)!


As you might have guess online gambling laws are different on a country to country basis and whilst legal in some places it’s definitely illegal in others. We’ve done as much research as we can but it’s always best to double check the laws for your specific country before you start placing bets online.

Anyone living in the UK though may live safe in the knowledge that online gambling is totally acceptable and legal. Do you think we would see so many adverts for gambling on television if it wasn’t?